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The moss project seeks to find and remove the furry green typos that have been growing on Wikipedia articles. It uses software written by User:Beland to automatically find misspellings, mistakes in English grammar, violations of the Wikipedia:Manual of Style, and confusing or broken wiki markup.

Dearth to typos!




How the lists are made[edit]

The moss spell checker is run against a recent set of database dumps, which are generated on the 1st and 20th of every month (but take a few days to process). All the articles in the English Wikipedia are examined. The following are ignored:

  • Text inside references, templates, tables, quotation marks, sections like "External links" and "Works", and some other weird places.
  • Capitalized words (which are presumed to be correctly-spelled proper nouns)
  • Words that appear in titles in the English Wiktionary (which has definitions of all words in all languages, excluding proper nouns and systematic words like chemical names and large numbers)
  • Words that appear in titles in the English Wikipedia (which explains some things that don't appear in the dictionary)
  • Words that appear in titles in the Wikispecies (which has many technical words that don't appear in the dictionary or encyclopedia)

Many mistakes are not (yet) caught:

  • Improper addition of 's (possessives are not added to Wiktionary, so these are excluded systematically)
  • Incorrect capitalization
  • Incorrect multi-word phrases
  • Wrong word used in context
  • Foreign language words not tagged with {{lang}} or where an English misspelling happens to be the same as a word in another language. (These are counted as correct spellings if they are in the English Wiktionary, which lists words in all languages – only the definitions are restricted to English.)
  • Other situations listed in #False negatives below

Old statistics[edit]

per article
2018-04-01 dump
moss 4933ad4
2018-07-01 dump
moss 4933ad4
2018-07-20 dump
moss 5e6b2ce
2018-08-01 dump
moss 0f7ddbf
2018-08-20 dump
moss 032a6be
2018-09-01 dump
moss 816c025
2018-09-20 dump
moss 7e26fe6
Total change
(to 2018-09-20)
0 4839889 4910541 (+70652) 4948698 (+38157) 4956727 (+8029) 4975895 (+19168) 4986531 (+10636) 5066713 (+80182) (+226824)
1 319509 319315 (-194) 315926 (-3389) 312871 (-3055) 311641 (-1230) 309785 (-1856) 268592 (-41193) (-50917)
2 104405 104591 (+186) 90630 (-13961) 89861 (-769) 89701 (-160) 89286 (-415) 71105 (-18181) (-33300)
3 40270 40099 (-171) 38430 (-1669) 37891 (-539) 37832 (-59) 37669 (-163) 29796 (-7873) (-10474)
4 22793 22739 (-54) 21069 (-1670) 20900 (-169) 20909 (+9) 20859 (-50) 16180 (-4679) (-6613)
5 13355 13331 (-24) 12561 (-770) 12392 (-169) 12357 (-35) 12315 (-42) 9483 (-2832) (-3872)
6 9398 9422 (+24) 8700 (-722) 8620 (-80) 8625 (+5) 8574 (-51) 6411 (-2163) (-2987)
7 6599 6614 (+15) 6150 (-464) 6095 (-55) 6098 (+3) 6076 (-22) 4573 (-1503) (-2026)
8 5314 5312 (-2) 4854 (-458) 4832 (-22) 4812 (-20) 4839 (+27) 3474 (-1365) (-1840)
9 3992 3985 (-7) 3723 (-262) 3643 (-80) 3665 (+22) 3631 (-34) 2640 (-991) (-1352)
10-19 16753 16879 (+126) 15508 (-1371) 15437 (-71) 15497 (+60) 15458 (-39) 10260 (-5198) (-6493)
20-29 4997 4992 (-5) 4597 (-395) 4594 (-3) 4524 (-70) 4512 (-12) 2596 (-1916) (-2401)
30-39 2169 2211 (+42) 1976 (-225) 1962 (-14) 1934 (-28) 1929 (-5) 1011 (-918) (-1158)
40-49 1177 1205 (+28) 1061 (-144) 1061 (0) 1031 (-30) 1027 (-4) 525 (-502) (-652)
50-59 674 695 (+21) 619 (-74) 618 (-1) 560 (-58) 553 (-7) 296 (-257) (-378)
60-69 453 476 (+23) 420 (-56) 419 (-1) 378 (-41) 377 (-1) 179 (-198) (-274)
70-79 299 326 (+27) 243 (- 83) 241 (-2) 214 (-27) 218 (+4) 119 (-99) (-180)
80-89 213 218 (+5) 179 (-39) 181 (+2) 177 (-4) 179 (+2) 81 (-98) (-132)
90-99 140 153 (+13) 131 (-21) 126 (-5) 126 (0) 128 (+2) 61 (-67) (-79)
100-199 456 521 (+65) 434 (-87) 435 (+1) 416 (-19) 414 (-2) 196 (-218) (-260)
200-299 90 113 (+23) 93 (-20) 95 (+2) 91 (-4) 96 (+5) 44 (-52) (-46)
300-399 44 45 (+1) 41 (-4) 42 (+1) 41 (-1) 42 (+1) 27 (-15) (-17)
400-499 19 26 (+7) 21 (-5) 22 (+1) 18 (-4) 18 (0) 9 (-9) (-10)
500-599 12 13 (+1) 13 (0) 13 (0) 16 (+3) 16 (0) 7 (-9) (-5)
600-699 8 9 (+1) 9 (0) 8 (-1) 6 (-2) 7 (+1) 2 (-5) (-6)
700-799 2 3 (+1) 3 (0) 5 (+2) 5 (0) 5 (0) 1 (-4) (-1)
800-899 2 3 (+1) 3 (0) 3 (0) 3 (0) 2 (-1) 0 (-2) (-2)
900-999 6 7 (+1) 6 (-1) 6 (0) 5 (-1) 5 (0) 0 (-5) (-6)
1000-1999 25 27 (+2) 27 (0) 26 (-1) 24 (-2) 23 (-1) 0 (-23) (-25)
2000-2999 3 5 (+2) 5 (0) 5 (0) 5 (0) 3 (-2) 0 (-3) (-3)
4000-4999 0 2 (+2) 2 (0) 2 (0) 3 (+1) 1 (-2) 0 (-1) (0)
Parse failed 193671 194777 (+1106) 191813 (-2964) 195147 (+3334) 203588 (+8441) 203583 (-5) 201420 (-2163) (+7749)

The spell checker has been getting smarter over time, so more recent versions report fewer false alarms. This explains most of the drop in the number of possible typos reported. Most of the gains for pages with more than 100 possible typos is due to changes that ignore pages with {{cleanup}} and similar tags, which indicate the page may not be ready for spell checking. I have been specifically tagging pages with a high number of possible typos to bring them to the attention of interested editors. Pages tagged for cleanup are reported in the statistics of cleanup-related work queues.

Some variation in the number of typos fixed between runs is also explained by the differences in the amount of time between runs. The biggest sources of variance are the unusually long time between the first two runs and the fact that dumps snapshotted on the first day of the month (which have a lot of additional data the spell checker doesn't need) take longer for Wikimedia servers to generate than the dumps snapshotted on the twentieth day of the month. There is also considerable activity from other editors writing new material and correcting typos as they find them while reading or editing articles.

moss project participants have been correcting hundreds or thousands of typos per month (yay!) mostly in articles with a single typo. We have also been adding somewhere from handfuls to dozens of entries to Wiktionary a month. Looking only at the generated reports, these numbers are difficult to separate from the other changes in data and code, but we do see progress as we strike through or remove items from the todo lists.

Since figuring out which words are not typos is such a big part of the problem to be solved, the code may need to get smarter in the future, but we're probably going to have an upcoming period of relative stability as we work through some low-hanging fruit. Hopefully upcoming statistics will reflect progress in actually reducing typos more than changes in spell checker code. -- Beland (talk) 18:20, 12 October 2018 (UTC)

New statistics[edit]

At least 10% of possible typos reported in the old statistics are definitely misspellings, but it's unclear how many of the remaining 90% are. Below is a new way of breaking down possible typos, by type instead of count per article. The "T1" items are almost all typos, and those are what we've been working on in the main "by article" section. Some of the other types have their own reports on this page, but most will require further analysis to either automatically distinguish typos vs. legitimate strings, or produce a more useful report for human editors.

Reporting symbol Explanation Instances (2018-09-20 dump) Unique strings (2018-09-20 dump)
TS Missing or whitespace or dash (or new compound) 152985 84720
T1 Edit distance 1 from common English word 111429 70527
T2 Edit distance 2 from common English word 82638 53517
T3 Edit distance 3 from common English word 91844 61332
T4 Edit distance 4 from common English word 76336 52684
T5 Edit distance 5 from common English word 52071 36450
T6 Edit distance 6 from common English word 30437 21927
T7 Edit distance 7 from common English word 15392 11095
T8 Edit distance 8 from common English word 7138 5060
T9 Edit distance 9 from common English word 2450 1868
T10 Edit distance 10 from common English word 1027 721
T11 Edit distance 11 from common English word 399 324
T12 Edit distance 12 from common English word 122 105
T13 Edit distance 13 from common English word 44 29
T14 Edit distance 14 from common English word 15 13
T15 Edit distance 15 from common English word 1 1
T16 Edit distance 16 from common English word 2 2
R A-Z only, not near a common English word 168446 121107
I Letters with accents or mixed with punctuation (other than hyphen) 266937 143960
C Chemistry words 6581 4604
D DNA sequences (a, c, g, t) 51 18
N A-Z plus numbers and hyphens 25061 20114
P Patterns (e.g. rhyme schemes) 808 461
Total 1092214 690639

Instructions for editors[edit]

Just like a regular spell checker, sometimes a word that's highlighted is really a misspelling and should be changed, but sometimes it is a correct spelling that needs to be added to the spell checker's dictionary (which in this case is the English Wiktionary and Wikispecies). For the below lists, here's how you can help:

  • For spelling mistakes: Click on the links to the individual Wikipedia articles, and edit them to correct the misspelling.
  • For incorrect spellings in direct quotes: Add {{sic}} around the word or phrase. See Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Quotations for guidance.
  • For correct spellings that belong in the dictionary: Click on the word to add it to the English Wiktionary. You can add species names to Wikispecies instead, but there's no handy link to bring you to the right place. Remember the word might not be English (though the definition must be), and be sure to check capitalization!
  • For correct spellings already in the dictionary: Delete from the list or strike through; these have been added in the meantime since the database dump by other editors. They do not automatically turn red as internal Wikipedia links do.
  • For DNA sequences (not appropriate for Wiktionary), add {{DNA sequence}} around it.
  • For correct spellings not appropriate for Wiktionary, add {{proper name}} around it if it's a proper noun; otherwise add {{not a typo}} around it (for example, nonsense series of letters used as examples in puzzles or computer code).
  • For foreign (non-English) language words: Edit the article and use the {{lang}} template to mark all foreign-language passages. Template contents are ignored, so they will not show up in the next report. It would still be helpful to add the foreign-language word to the English Wiktionary if you can give an English definition, but this is not required since the word is probably already in its native-language Wiktionary. If you don't know which language is being used, either skip it or try or Wikipedia:Language recognition chart.
  • Correct or incorrect, when finished delete or strike out the entry for the word from the lists on this page, so work won't be duplicated. It is preferred to delete the entry for sections that rotate through specific letters, and strikethrough for sections where the whole thing gets update (to prevent duplicating work done while the dumps were being processed, which can take more than a week).
  • If an article or section has generally bad grammar, and you don't have time to fix the whole thing, just add {{copyedit}} at the top of the article or {{copyedit|section}} at the top of the affected section.
  • If you see errors being reported from footnotes or bibliographies, check to make sure the section is titled with a standard name following MOS:APPENDIX conventions. Standard end-matter sections like "References" and "Further reading" are ignored.

Don't worry if you miss something; it will reappear in a future report if there are still mistakes.

Suggested edit summaries[edit]

If you want to help publicize this project, you can copy-and-paste these into your edit summary, if appropriate.

For Wikipedia edits:

Fix misspelling found by [[Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss]] – you can help!
Tag non-English text found by [[Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss]] – you can help!
Tag correct text as {{not a typo}} for automated spell checkers (including [[Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss]])
Fix mismatched quote marks found by [[Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss]] – you can help!

For Wiktionary edits:

Add word identified by [[w:Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss]] – you can help!

Wiktionary cheat sheet[edit]

Need to add a word to Wiktionary? The Wiktionary cheat sheet has copy-and-paste templates that make it easy for the types of words commonly encountered here, even if you've never done it before.

Likely misspellings by article[edit]

The most efficient list to work on if all you want to do is fix misspellings. All typos from a given article are shown, but only typos that are very close to known words are shown. The algorithm is not perfect, so some of these may still be words that need to be added to Wiktionary. A different part of the alphabet is posted on each run to avoid duplicate work, and because the whole list is too long to post all at once.

Cases with notes from older dumps[edit]

For Wiktionary (Sep 2018 dumps)[edit]
Investigation needed[edit]

If it helps to leave a message on the article's talk page asking if the word is correct or incorrect, you can use Template:Typo help like this when editing the bottom of the talk page (leave the section header blank; it will automatically be added):

{{subst:typo help|PUT WORD HERE}} -- ~~~~
Not English[edit]

If the language is known (and misspelling is not suspected), tag with {{lang}} or {{transl}} for transliterations. If language is unknown, move to "Investigation needed".

Correct, but not for Wikitionary[edit]

For species, add the whole name to Wikispecies:Wikispecies:Requested articles#From_Wikipedia and it will be suppressed from future runs. For proper nouns and (including non-English titles) that aren't capitalized, put inside a {{proper name}} tag.

Alic-Amen from 2018-09-20 dump[edit]

Main listings[edit]

See subpages due to length.

Likely misspellings by frequency (n-z)[edit]

(waiting for next dump except for problem case)

  • 18 - wikt:sumons - Administrative divisions of the Tuva Republic, Tuva
    • These refer to Sum (country subdivision) but that article says the plural is "sumd". It seems to me that "sumons" is a legitimate plural that should be added to Wiktionary, along with the new meaning of "sum" and the other forms like "sumd" and "sumu". -- Beland (talk) 19:17, 2 November 2018 (UTC)
      • I've added sumon (and its plural sumons) to Wikt as an alternative spelling of somon. I will try to look into the other spellings later. If input from a Tuvan speaker would be helpful, User:Kintetsubuffalo is the only recently-active user I see who lists any proficiency in Tuvan, but User:Stephen G. Brown speaks a large number of languages and might also be able to help. (On Wiktionary, I've asked about the etymology and suggested that someone add sum and sumu.) -sche (talk) 22:02, 2 November 2018 (UTC)

Likely new words by frequency (non-English)[edit]

These are good candidates to add to the English Wiktionary (which provides English definitions for words in all languages), as it seems English Wikipedia readers will frequently encounter them. This is a special report from 2018-09-20 dump.

Likely misspellings by frequency (a-m)[edit]

The best list to work on if you want to eliminate all instances of a specific typo. Only typos that are very close to known words are shown. The algorithm is not perfect, so some of these may still be words that need to be added to Wiktionary. For each run, only words from half of the alphabet are shown, to avoid duplicate work from when new dumps are being processed.

Likely new compounds by frequency (a-m)[edit]

The best list to work on if you want to add variations of known words to Wiktionary, mostly compound words. The algorithm is not perfect, so some of these (especially those with periods in the middle) might be common mistakes that need to corrected. For each run, only words from half of the alphabet are shown, to avoid duplicate work from when new dumps are being processed.

Manual notes from 2018-09-01 dump:

Update from 2018-10-20 dump:

Likely new words by frequency (a-m)[edit]

The best list to work on if you want to add completely new words to Wiktionary. The algorithm is not perfect, so some of these might be common mistakes that need to corrected. For each run, only words from half of the alphabet are shown, to avoid duplicate work from when new dumps are being processed.

Some of the words might not be from English. To get these words off this list, you can either add an entry to the English Wiktionary (which provides English definitions for words in all languages) or tag all instances of the word on the English Wikipedia with {{lang}}. Wiktionary does not accept Romanizations for some languages, so those cases must be tagged as {{transl}} or {{lang}}.

Problem cases[edit]


Investigation needed[edit]

For Wikispecies[edit]

For Wiktionary[edit]

Display text for links is eligible for spell checking because it's what readers see in the article. Either "kaatser" should be added to Wiktionary (as a Dutch word, I assume?) or be tagged as a non-English word with {{lang}}. -- Beland (talk) 04:46, 24 September 2018 (UTC)
  • 1 - Ba-awa - wikt:obridjie - present as obridjie, currently a redlink - were redlinked names accumulated instead of being considered "not yet defined" ?
    • Redlinks aren't ignored because they could be red because they are misspelled, rather than merely because no one has yet created the article they are linking to. -- Beland (talk) 05:16, 24 September 2018 (UTC)
  • 1 - Babakotia - wikt:antipronograde - wikt has wikt:pronograde, not the 'anti-' tho; see definitions antipronograde and pronograde
  • 1 - Baba Sissoko - wikt:calabass - is it not good enough to link the author's word to 'correct', e.g. [[calabash|calabass]] ?
    • No, "calabass" also needs to be spelled correctly. Given it doesn't seem to be a proper noun, it seems like it should be in the dictionary. Is it an alternate spelling of "calabash" or does it mean something else like "a bass drum made out of a calabash"? -- Beland (talk) 05:28, 24 September 2018 (UTC)
  • 1 - Xuân Thủy National Park - wikt:silvofishery - appears to be a trademark
    • Mmm, I see it on with a TM when it's capitalized, but on most sites it's not capitalized. That's a Swiss site, but apparently it was introduced in Indonesia in the 1970s. This may be an example of someone trying to trademark a generic term (or a variant on it), or an example of a genericized trademark. I think Wiktionary would want an entry either way. -- Beland (talk) 19:32, 20 September 2018 (UTC)
  • 1 - Zenana - wikt:anagas - means "wet nurse" or "foster mother"
  • 1 - Yacambú National Park - wikt:caramerudo - this is the common name used in Venezuela for Odocoileus virginianus deer (see here) - I'm not sure what to do with it. DferDaisy (talk) 15:55, 4 August 2018 (UTC)
I think it just needs an entry in Wiktionary, then. -- Beland (talk) 19:34, 20 September 2018 (UTC)

Archived notes[edit]

See Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss/Archive.

Articles with the most possibly misspelled words[edit]

These are likely to be lists using non-English-language or technical words.

  • For articles that are just lists of species names, please link to the article from Wikispecies:Wikispecies:Requested articles#From_Wikipedia and delete the entry here. Those are now automatically suppressed.
  • For non-English-language words, add {{lang}} around the foreign passages and delete the row. Articles that don't do this often have formatting of non-English words that is inconsistent either internally or with the Manual of Style, so this is an easy way to fix that at the same time as helping the spell checker and screen readers do the right things.

150-199 words[edit]

  • 154 - Oromo language - eessa eettii dureessa hiyyeettii aduu manoota hiriyaa hiriyoota barsiisaa barsiiso waggaa waggaawwan laggeen ittii karicha haroo harittii qaalluu qaallicha qallittii dhuma dhuma keessa barsiisaa barsiisaa konkolaataa konkolaataa namni namoota namootni namoonni ibsi namicha namichi maqaa maqaan nyachuu nyachuun haati lafti obboleetti namicha obboleetti namichaa hojii hojii barumsa barumsa afaanii obboleetti namicha namicha namichaa intalaaf sareef baruu baruuf bishaaniif sareedhaa sareedhaaf harkaan halkaniin yeroodhaan bawuu bawuudhaan harkatti guyyaa guyyaatti jalatti biyya biyyaa keessa keessaa gabaadhaa bunaa bunaatii irraa irraa gabaarraa isaani kaleessa dhufne dhufne kaleessa dhufne kootti isheen laalti isheen ofiif makiinaa jaalatu kennaa walii sanatti dhufne deemne deemna deemnu deemnu deemnu kolfite kofalte duuta duuna beelofta beelofna dhaga dhageessa dhageenya feeta feena feetu koottaa beenu beenaa autobenefactive beekam beekamani jedham jedhama beeksis beeksifne galch galchiti barsiis barsiisa autobenefactive bitadh bitadhu qabanna autobenefactives hojjadh hojii kaasis autobenefactive deebi deebis deebifam deebifadh bubbul caccab dhiib dhiddhiib autobenefactive dhug dhuguu jechu fedhuu fechuu dhug dhugam dhugamuu dhugamuudhaan

100-149 words[edit]

  • 147 - Pangasinan language - kumadua katlo kakatlo pidua pinlima aminsan amidua mamitlo sansakey sanderua pamidua sikato sikami sikatayo sikata sikayo sikara kapigan panonto amayamay dakel pigara daiset apatira andokey maawang malapar ambelat melag melanting tingot daiset melag melanting tingot antikey mainget mabeng bolog kaamong kaamong alumbayar kakiewan katakelan bislak obak lubir iknol saklor ikol bikking pueg beklew beneg pagew ketket sepsep lutda sibok dongap linawa nengneng nonot angob ogip onpatey manpatey managnop manpana manerel tegteg pisag paldua doyok tikyab onsabi dokol yorong alagey pelag itdan poyok goyor dait ibagam letaw kigtel bitewen angalakan dagem linew pakigtel asiwek asewek palandey ambalanga ampasiseng andeket ampetang ambetel napsel napesel napno napano abig maoges abolok maringot marutak dutak malimpek limpek tibokel matdem tarem kawanan kawigi ngiriyet masanting marakep ambanget masamit mananam dagem linaew kogip tampol pusok amamayoen sikalay nanengneng akbibiten nodnonoten ogalim nalingwanan kaayos dagem linaew tampol limgas amamayoen akbibiten nanonotan ugalim nalingwanan kauyos ispiritu
  • 144 - English words first attested in Chaucer - begster attourne feminie gigge louke prenticehood begeth anoyful chincher chinchery counterwait customance custumance humblehede laureole rackleness clotheless mistrest nigromancian sustenant disfigurate messagery communably jacounce jagounce mendience miscoveting overgilt outwine outsling papelardy ravisable recreandise ribanding rideled roinous suckeny timbester villainsly wyndre minstrelly sweynt adjoust annoyously arbitry asperness astoning celebrable coetern definish delye disincrease distempre emprent enbaissing ensampler entach entech entalent eschaufe festivally foleye forline formly fortunel fortunous governail habitacule hustlement necess overwhelve plungy portionable presentary previdence purveyable rhetorian scorkle senatory slead troublabla unbetide undoubtous uneschewable unleeful unmovablety unparegal unplite unweened vengeress weeply witnessfully whaped whaped advocary amphilbology asfast avaunter calculing circumscrive defeit defet desespeir desesperaunce disblame enterpart estately executrice forbysen forlose grufe howne inhelde kankedort ounded palaceward palaceward palaestrial refreid reheting resport saluing scrivenliche tempestous unbroided untroth yfled agrote bedote betraising browd countryward radevore renownee tidive tuteler toteler almury embelif solsticion forloin solein uncorven ungrubbed
    • These are almost certainly wanted by Wiktionary. -- Beland (talk) 14:59, 21 July 2018 (UTC)
  • 141 - Bangalore Karaga - veerakumaras veerakumaras veerakumaras sevae veerakumaras chaakrigars veerakumaras sevae veerae chakrastapane veerakumararu vastru veerkumaras veerakumara veerakumaras veerakumaras veerakumaras veerakumara vahnikula kshytriyas poojaris pothraja ganacharyas punyaha dwajarohana yelkunga aarathis aarathees dheeksha shudhi prathisthapana kainkarya veerakumaras deekshapower purohitha bankadasayya veerakumaras veerakumaras shakthipeeta meteriolists sanchara shakthishala veerakumaras shudda maneyavaru sanchara chathra sevakarthas purohitha dravyas purohitha sumanthra karathas shanthikainkarya manthras karpuras kuladevatha pradhakshina veerakumaras veerakumaras kulagowda avishkaras manthras chathra veerkumaras karapura pradhakshina peetashala gantanadha shanchalana sufees churnas gantanaadha manthras mangalaarthi pradhakshina poojaris veerakumaras potharaja uthsava potharaja manthras avishkara potharaja poojaris potharaja poojaries gantepoojari manthras potharaja manthras poojaris shanthithanthra shakthism potharaja poojaries veerakumaras shakthyotsava vasanthotsava vuthsava uthsava dwajadanda veerakumaras veerakumars chakridaras uthsavas kulagowda ganachari ganachari shakthyotsava shakthyotsava gantepoojari shakthyotsava potharaja potharaja potharaja bhankadasayya sanchara kolkara shakthyotsava shakthyotsava mantravadies thantras poojaries sanchara uthsavas sulthans sulthana hasthas kshathriyas veerakumaras peytey proncounced thigalarapete journing ppoje cubbonpete kalyanis mathsta mathastha miscoating
  • 121 - Malaysian National Projects - This just had a huge chunk of Malaysian text that needs to be translated; tagged. -- Beland (talk) 14:59, 21 July 2018 (UTC)
  • 112 - List of minerals R (complete) - tetraoxo dioxyhydroxy trimercury dihydrotetraoxotellurate pentaoxoditellurate octaicosaoxodecavanadate pentadecahydrate hexasulfa hexauranyl hexaoxytetrahydroxy pentadecacopper docosahydroxy heptaoxodisilicate hydroxophosphate decasulfa pentarsenide decalead hexasulfate ditetraoxosilicate tetraoxo docosahydrate hexatitanium hexadecaoxide pentadeca nonacarbonate fluorsulfate boroctaoxotrisilicate hexadecahydroxy pentacopper tetraoxosilicate diarsenite pentacalcium ditetraoxosilicate chevkinite tetrastrontium tetratitanium octaoxo diheptaoxodisilicate pentamanganese pentaoxochromate tetralumino undecaborate octaicosaoxide trioxosilicate octasulfa tristannide trirhodium pentamanganese tetraoxosilicate trisulfarsenide pentacopper tetrarsenate heptalead tetraoxo hydroxytrichloride pentamagnesium tetraoxosilicate tetradecaoxide heptaoxohexaborate pentacalcium hexadecaoxohexasilicate dioxotriphosphate tetratellurate undecapotassium pentaicosachloride tetraoxosilicate aluminotetrasilicate undecaoxyhydroxy dodecaoxotetravanadate tricerium pentacarbonate pentamanganese aluminotrisilicate decaoxydihydroxy octaoxotrisilicate decawater trixovanadate hydroxoarsenate mosandrite hexasulfa heptaoxotetraborate tetrayttrium heptaoxodisilicate aluminoctaoxotrisilicate dodecaoxotrisilicate tetratelluride heptaoxovanadate nonahydroxy decacalcium heptaoxodisilicate hexaoxotungstate hexaoxotetrarsenate triplatinum decacalcium heptaoxodisilicate
  • 111 - Insect morphology - unsclerotised frontogenal frontoclypeal epistomal frontoclypeal clypeogenal postgena postgena postgenal postocciput postgena postgenal postgenal sensitiity stemmatal tormae lacinea lacinea lacineal lacinea superlinguae superlingua libium pseudotracheae pseudotracheae pseudotracheae dilineated pterothoracic alinotum antecostal phragmata alinotum subcoxal metepisternum epimiron mesepimiron metepimiron mesopleoron macrotrichia macrotrichia archediction precosta precosta vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal mediocubital vannal vannal mediocubital vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal vannal neala neala mediocubital calypteres vannal pteralia pteralia vannal mediocubital pteralia vannal vannal mediocubital retinalucum vannal vannal waythat vannal basalar basicostal coxomarginale basicoxite trochantin trochantinal basicoxite postarticular basicostal trochantero coxotrochanteral protibia protibiae laterotergite laterosternites paraprocts phallosoma extratory exoporian dytresian exoporian jeuvanile prothorocic pharyngial
  • 110 - South Indian cuisine - pulihaara pachhallu maaghaya pandumirapakayala dosakaya dosavakaya chintakaya kooralu vankaya dondakaya chukkakoora menthikura palakura dosakaya beerakaya sorakaya palakoora sorakaya thotakoora anapakaya miriyala potlakaya sorakaya chekkalu murukulu jantikalu chakkilalu pootarekulu sunnundalu thokkudu nuvvula dosakaya vanakaya usirikaya yellu tambli gojju happala appemidi amateykai kadambattu gojju uppinakai tovve bassaaru uppusaaru masoppu masekai hitakida puliyogre karjikai sajapa kadubus tambittu paramanna sweetmaking menthya shavige kadubu gojju kosambri mosaru kodabale chakkali nippatu paalpradaman nendarangai erucherri upperis podimeen pollichathu kalllumekka vindallu ularthiyadhu vevichathu khyma upperi ethaykkappam ullivada avalosunda neeyyappam unnaykka churuttu modhakam vazhaykka vattayappam irattymadhuram velayappam vaththal kozhambu payarru varuval thokku oorukaai vadaam vaththal thirukannamidu sarkarai idiyappams karuppatti kozhakattai adikoozh kandharappam seeyam seeyam kavuni athirasam kevar pachidi karuvattu
  • 109 - List of minerals B (complete) - trisulfa dibismuthide pentaaluminium triantimony tetradecaoxide pentamagnesium hexabismuth pentasilver hexaoxy tetrahydroxyl heptasodium dibicarbonate dodecairon nonadecaoxide tetrahydroxyl tetracopper tetralead icosairon heptacosasulfide dodecalead hexatricontasulfa hexadecarsenide triantimonide octadecahydrate tetramanganese heptacopper hexamercury hexaiodate tristrontium tristrontium hydroxophosphate tetralead tetradecasulf hexanantimonide dodecasulfa heptabismuthide octasilver hexabarium tridecacarbonate pentairon pentahydro octasulfa pentarsenide tetrasulfa diantimonide hexaluminium nonahydroxy docosahydrate heptasilver pentarsenic triniobium octadecaoxide diphyllosilicate nonanickel dialumino tritellurite pyrovanadate decahydroxyl octadecahydrate pentamanganese icosafluoride dioxymonoborate tetraselenide tetratelluride tetrapalladium tetralead heptantimonide octadecasulfide trihydroxyl heptahydrte dodecahydroxide pentalead tetrantimonide undecasulfide tetracopper dodecahydroxide hexamanganese octaoxy tetranesosilicate tetracopper diodate tetraoxogermanate octasodium hexasulfate tetracopper tetraselenide trihydroxyl pentaaluminium labuntsovite hexahydroxide tetradecamanganese heptacosaoxide henicosahydrate
  • 105 - List of minerals G (complete) - triarsenide pentasulfate triiridium octatelluride decaoxytetrasilicate tetramanganese octaoxy pentamanganese tetrahydroxyl heptauranyl pentyoxy heptahydroxyl pentairon dinesosilicate oxydisulfate octalead oxyhexachloride soroalumosilicate pentamanganese dihydrogenarsenate tetrahydrogenphosphate tetraplatinum triantimonide tritectosilicate hexaiodate tetralead pentaniobium pentahydroxyl trihydroxyl tridecacopper tridecacopper octaantimonide tridecasulfide tetrahydroxyl diantimonide tetramercury tridecasulfide trihydroxyl labuntsovite labuntsovite labuntsovite labuntsovite undecahydroxy tetrahydroxyl trinesosilicate hydrooxophosphate dialumino pentacalcium hexasulfate octadecacopper disorosilicate hydrooxophosphate tridecaoxide tetraarsenide pentadecasulfide trioxyphosphate trizirconium disorosilicate hexavanadate inoalumosilicate trinesosilicate oxyhydroxyl chalcostibite trimercury tetraantimonide dodecasulfide tetrahydroxyl hexazinc decahydroxyl pentacalcium tetrahydroxyl pentazinc tetrahydroxyl tribarium hexasulfa tribismuthide labuntsovite oxyhydroxyl neodium
  • 102 - Sotho nouns - enumeratives (done except for this last word)

Possible typos by length[edit]

Longest or shortest in certain categories are shown, sometimes just for fun and sometimes because they form a useful group. Please use strikethrough (or leave a note) for this section rather than removing lines, to avoid repeating work done while the dumps were being processed. Thanks!

Likely missing whitespace[edit]

Likely chemistry words[edit]

Missing articles on single characters[edit]

Every character should either have a Wikipedia article, redirect to a Wikipedia article, or Wiktionary entry.

Probable DNA sequences[edit]

If you're sure this is a DNA or RNA sequence, tag it {{DNA sequence}}.

(None found in for 2018-10-01 dump, waiting for next dump.)

Repeating patterns - easy fixes[edit]

For rhyme schemes, they probably need to be re-styled to follow Wikipedia:WikiProject Poetry#Style for rhyme schemes. If this ends up making them all-caps, they won't show up here on the next run. For mixed-case rhyme scheme notations, use {{not a typo}} after making sure dashes, commas, and spaces follow the recommended style.


Poem rhyme schemes just need to be capitalized like Rhyme scheme. All the bird noises can be put inside {{not a typo}}. -- Beland (talk) 05:42, 21 October 2018 (UTC)

Misreported as DNA sequence[edit]

Notes for editors[edit]

For WikiSpecies[edit]

To be tagged[edit]

Patterny words possibly for Wiktionary[edit]

  • 33 hexipentisteriruncicantitruncated - a nest of specialized geometrical form names; what to do? → since this is a part of several compound names, it may need a set index or disambig page. If it has use in books, it could go in Wiktionary, but Wikipedia seems to be the source of these geometric terms.

For Beland todo[edit]

  • Request detected species names and suppress those listings from the request page
  • 30 doImperativeReadLineSystemCall - this is computer code inside <code> sections; why is additional tagging needed? → might need Beland to make sure code sections are excluded
    • Hmm, I'll take a look and make sure that's working properly. -- Beland (talk) 20:21, 13 September 2018 (UTC)
  • Ignore lines beginning with spaces, or do these need actual markup tags if they are code or something?
  • Rhyme scheme hunting:
    • Sync style for articles in Category:Stanzaic form and Category:Rhyme and add to rhyme scheme list if appropriate.
    • Sync annotation style for articles that mark up poems line-by-line (use tables, not column divs or parens)
    • Manually search for patterns like:
      • a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c
      • AB,CD,AB (internal rhyme)
      • "aa", "ab", "aaa", "aab", "aba", "abb", "abc", "aaaa", "aaba", "aabb", "aabc", "abaa", "abab", "abba", "abca", "abcb", "abcc", "abcd" - probable rhyme sequences where there's an article present so it's not detected as a misspelling
  • Hmm, looks like the chemistry word detector could use some enhancement. -- Beland (talk) 16:27, 15 August 2018 (UTC)

False positives[edit]

Is there a word that is correctly used in an article, but which shouldn't be added to Wiktionary? List it here, and Beland will fix the problem.

Archived solutions: Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss/Archive

False negatives[edit]

Is there a misspelled word in an article mentioned here that was not reported? Feel free to list it below and Beland will try to improve the code if appropriate.

These are currently over-ignored, but could be used to suggest correct spellings:

  • Wikipedia articles with {{R from misspelling}}, {{R from incorrect name}}, {{R from miscapitalisation}}, and redirects to these templates
  • Wiktionary entries that are known misspellings (e.g. wikt:anticiliary)
  • In cases where there are variant spellings of the same word or phrase, Wikipedia should probably pick one and stick to it except to mention the variants. This happens with:
    • Compound words - whether to use a space, dash, or nothing, as in "junebug" vs. "june bug" or "email" vs. "e-mail".
    • Words with multiple transliterations from another language (often there are multiple systems, no particular system, or a modern system different from historical systems).
    • Redirects with {{R from alternate spelling}} and redirects to that template.
  • Article Ana Recio Harvey | detected misspelling: appoinment | additional, undetected misspelling: enterpreneur
    • Looks like this was because of redirects with "enterpreneur" in the title. I have tagged them all {{R from misspelling}}, but I'll have to change the code to ignore those, as noted above. Thanks for catching that! -- Beland (talk) 23:52, 18 October 2018 (UTC)

Mismatched markup and punctuation[edit]

Errors in punctuation (mostly quotation marks) and wiki markup generally cause confusion for readers, and also prevent the spell checker from running on these articles.

Inches and feet should not use " and ', per Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Specific units; use letters instead. (See MOS:UNITS for general guidance.) Where conversions are needed, use {{convert}}, for example: 2 feet 3 inches (69 cm)

A+number (2018-09-01 dump)[edit]

All done.

Aa (2018-09-01 dump)[edit]

  • AAA 400 Drive for Autism - Unmatched " near: 0 presented by Visa.", dedicating to incr
  • Aa Ab Laut Chalen - Unmatched " near: lm 7.0/10 and wrote "Aa Ab Laut Chalen ma
  • Aaag Hi Aag - Unmatched " near: yrics: Nawab Arzoo #" Aag Hi Aag Hai Paan ... i Mein " – Vinod Rathod, Jol ... Richa Sharma, Tina #" Teri Chaahat Ki Kas ... am " – Udit Narayan, Kav ... rayan, Alka Yagnik #" Jab Tera Ishq Mila ... (Female)" - Alka Yagnik #" Ye ... h Yeh Kya Hua" - Arun Bakshi, Alka
  • A. A. Allen - Unmatched " near: erage and that this "resulted in his hiri ... a notepad or camera." In his television
  • AAAS Award for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility - Unmatched " near: on in water supplies" in the area of Flin
  • AAA When Worlds Collide - Unmatched " near: TeamThe Terror Team"), but also earned t
  • Aachener Zeitung - Unmatched " near: daily evening news "AmAbend“ with photo
  • AACR Awards - Unmatched " near: evalent Cancers Team" :: Patrick Tan, Ste ... opsy Initiative Team" ::Luis A. Diaz, Nis
  • AACTA Award for Best Feature Length Documentary - Unmatched " near: tes in duration and "is a creative treatm
  • Aadar Malik - Unmatched " near: d musical sketch is "She Called Me Bhaiyy ... a " apart from various
  • Aadarsha Chowk Morang - Unmatched " near: 0’28.0” N 87°22'30.5" E and the elevation
  • Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer - Unmatched " near: lal Kadhal Seiveer, "a return to form for
  • Aadhe Adhoore - Unmatched " near: ic== The title song " Aadhe Adhure " also ... Iyer. Another song " Prabhat feri" has b
  • Aadu (film) - Unmatched " near: nest laughs as well." ==Music== The orig
  • Aadukalam - Unmatched " near: d mentioned that it " lives up to the exp ... work shows on screen". Behindwoods wrote
  • Aadu Puli Attam (2006 film) - Unmatched " near: = * Mani Prakash as " Mandhiran" * Vennil
  • Aaero - Unmatched " near: u's Mike Fahey said "Aaero came to my att ... ass the word along. " Forbes contributor ... .5/10 and commented "For the most part, t
  • Aafia Siddiqui - Unmatched " near: en CIA officers was "partly in revenge fo
  • Aa Gaya Hero - Unmatched " near: the film and wrote "Catch the film in yo
  • A. A. Gill - Unmatched " near: until the age of 48." From 1982 to 1983,
  • Aag Ka Gola - Unmatched " near: now known as 'Shaka". One day Raja Babu
  • Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar - Unmatched " near: uku Tukur Dekha Karu" - Kishore Kumar, As
  • Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi - Unmatched " near: in her review said, "This is not high ent ... aking a difference. " She encouraged read
  • Aakash (tablet) - Unmatched " near: e, an insufficient 7" screen and absence
  • Aake (film) - Unmatched " near: d its script saying "The biggest victory
  • Aakhri Badla - Unmatched " near: nn Kare Yaad Woh Din" - Kishore Kumar # -
  • A. A. K. Niazi - Unmatched " near: an considered it as "illegitimate. Niazi ... appened in the East." Though he showed no
  • Aalap Raju - Unmatched " near: ce Ennamo Yedho and "Engeyum Kadhal' rele
  • Aalavandhan - Unmatched " near: Lollu Express said, "The movie is below a ... acting in few places". Malathi Rangarajan ... out of 10, saying, "The film falls flat
  • Aalborg Pirates - Unmatched " near: nisation launched a "Masterplan 2018” ==H
  • Aalen - Unmatched " near: “Aalen Limes Museum" (Limesmuseum Aalen)
  • Aaliyah (album) - Unmatched " near: accomplished albums "look like exercises ... in ". According to PopMa
  • Aaliyah - Unmatched " near: or both her and Li, "they have so little ... be released in a 12" vinyl and 7" single ... a gap between them. "I wanted to take a b ... than I anticipated." Connie Johnson of t
  • Aalu Anday - Unmatched " near: irat Brigade, meant "The Dishonour Brigad
  • Aalwar - Unmatched " near: ilm as citing that "the biggest drawback
  • A.A. Maramis Building - Unmatched " near: n a plaque written: " - Condidit Daendels ... , - Erexit DUBUS" currently kept in J
  • A. A. Milne - Unmatched " near: in the poem :

"Oh! Thank you, God, ... er it. God bless Me."

  • Aamir Khan - Unmatched " near: alists, Aamir said, "the reason why popul ... heb is my role model" said Aamir Khan. ==
  • Aandavan Kattalai (2016 film) - Unmatched " near: n of the Hindu gave "Aandavan Kattalai a
  • Aandhi - Unmatched " near: e lines of the song "Salaam kijiye aali j ... popular songs like "Beeti Na Bitai Raina
  • Aangan (Hum TV series) - Unmatched </ref> near: -07-21|language=en}}</ref> as Kussum Didi * Ma
  • Aan het Volk van Nederland - Unmatched " near: gramme for reform: :"Assemble each and ev ... without permission." Aan het Volk van Ne
  • Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool - Unmatched cellspacing near: order= cellpadding= cellspacing= style=
  • AAON - Unmatched " near: use. Primarily, it "“makes and sells air
  • Aapadbandhavudu - Unmatched " near: M. M. Keeravani. * "Odiyappa Odiyappa "( ... : Bhuvanachandra) * "Aura Ammakuchella Al ... kinchi Nammadamella "(Singers: S. P. Bala ... a Sitaramasastri) * "Puvvu Navve Guvva Na ... vve "(Singer: S. P. Balas ... a Sitaramasastri) * "Chukkallara Choopull ... Ekkadamma Jabilli 2 "(Singer: S. P. Balas ... a Sitaramasastri) * "Athala Vitala Patala ... "(Singer: S. P. Balas
  • Aap Ke Liye - Unmatched " near: nse to judge others." Samina Peerzada jus
  • Aap Ki Kasam - Unmatched " near: rvate Badalate Rahen", became very popula ... f the film, quoted: "In a remarkable scen ... apart from the song "Zindagi Ke Safar Mei
  • A, A Prime - Unmatched " near: ed the androgyny of "A, A Primes main cha ... heads, referring to "A, A Primes title.
  • A. A. Raiba - Unmatched " near: remains unfinished. " Itni Umar gayi, Kam ... khatam nahi hua"(In Urdu – " So many ... remains unfinished.") – AA Raiba == Awar
  • Aarathu Sinam - Unmatched " near: Behindwoods wrote " All that considered ... e stories he selects" Sify cites .
  • Aaravalli - Mismatched {{ }}; try bracketbot
  • Aardenburg - Unmatched " near: he Sint-Baafskerk, ("Saint Bavo's Church)
  • Aardman filmography - Unmatched " near: at if...Santa Forgot" ===Apps=== *Wizard
  • Aarele Ben Arieh - Unmatched " near: f “The Place Doctor." The artist first cr ... atural environment. "I endeavor for grace
  • Aarktica - Unmatched " near: y a limited split 12" with Aaron Spectre
  • Aaron A. Brooks - Unmatched " near: adio City Music Hall" (LIVE) (2009) * Joe ... ve on the Queen Mary" (1991) * Circle Of ... me Hardware. * 12x12" Concert tom * 14x14 ... " Concert tom * 16x16 ... " Floor Tom * 18x24" Bass Drum * 7x13" T ... als=== Zildjian * 14" A Custom Master Sou ... nd Hi-Hats * 19" A Custom Crash * 18 ... " A Custom Crash * 17 ... " A Custom Crash * 16 ... " A Custom Crash * 21 ... " Sweet Ride ===Stick
  • Aaron Alpeoria Bradley - Unmatched " near: rd to color or race." ==Social initiative
  • Aaron Belkin - Unmatched " near: ity and the military". In 2011, he was a
  • Aaron Bruno - Unmatched " near: core music as well. "The first time I hea ... It just blew my mind". Aaron believes Rag
  • Aaron Carter - Unmatched " near: ling it and saying "I see myself being w
  • Aaron Cole - Unmatched " near: r Old Gospel Rapper." Throughout his care
  • Aaron Copland House - Unmatched " near: ier. Copland said, "and I was sold! When
  • Aaron Copland - Unmatched " near: obiography, writes, "Copland's method of ... these ideas (his )." if one or more of t
  • Aaron Crow (danger act) - Unmatched " near: many sharp needles." At the age of five,
  • Aaron Cupples - Unmatched " near: He was described as "one of Australia’s m
  • Aaron David Miller - Unmatched " near: her Great President." == Background == Mi
  • Aaron Detroit - Unmatched " near: hy== * Cholesterol 7" (single), with Mart
  • Aaron Draplin - Unmatched " near: t magazine. He won "Art Director of the
  • Aaron Durley - Unmatched " near: rabia, where his 6'8" father worked for S ... eam. Cameron was 6'2" and 228 lbs. at 12
  • Aaron Ehasz - Unmatched " near: (3.01) * (3.11) * "Sozin's Comet, Part
  • Aaron Espe - Unmatched " near: track for the film, "Where the Yellowston
  • Aaronetta Hamilton Pierce - Unmatched " near: ius of their legacy." She sat on the exec
  • Aaron Francis - Unmatched " near: r the match he said "It was a big day for
  • Aaron Freeman - Unmatched " near: , * The Comic Torah" (2010) with Sharon
  • Aaron Glantz - Unmatched " near: t America’s Veterans" (UC Press), the fir
  • Aaron Henry - Unmatched " near: om the “grass roots," it sought to “reach ... t Use the Rest Room." Beginning in 1953,
  • Aaron James (basketball) - Unmatched " near: s Jazz. James, a 6'8" small forward, aver
  • Aaron Judge - Unmatched " near: n the majors. At 6'7" and 282 pounds, he
  • Aaron Klein - Unmatched " near: iv is advantageous. "I have a major advan
  • Aaron Kramer - Unmatched " near: uence “Denmark Vesey", about plans for ab
  • Aaron Kwok - Unmatched " near: 51101 ** Beyblade (3"CD, EP) ** Aaron Kwo
  • Aaron Lawrence (actor) - Unmatched " near: s books, movies and "even a . Using a lap
  • Aaron Liffchak - Unmatched " near: els. Aaron or 'Liffy" as he is affectiona
  • Aaron L. Mackler - Unmatched " near: tation was entitled "Cases and Judgments
  • Aaron Lubarsky - Unmatched " near: ian at Lucasfilm on "The Making Of ". In
  • Aaron Marcus - Unmatched " near: n, Exhibition Book, "Doo Sung Design Gall
  • Aaron Marsh - Unmatched " near: ound - Fairground EP" (P/E/M) *Valaska -
  • Aaron Miles - Unmatched " near: r was Miles, at 5' 8". His pitching caree
  • Aaron Neville - Unmatched " near: ard Hot 100 (behind "I'm a Believer by th
  • Aaron of Jerusalem - Unmatched " near: ra refers to him as "the sage of Jerusale
  • Aaron Parks - Unmatched " near: asquez *Dear Someone"' (2009) - Anders Ch
  • Aaron Peskin - Unmatched " near: ask them to go away." ==Controversies== P
  • Aaron Pico - Unmatched " near: e all the difference". At the freestyle j
  • Aaron Pryor - Unmatched " near: failure to defend. " After 29 months out
  • Aaron Renier - Mismatched {{ }}; try bracketbot
  • Aaron Robinson (composer) - Unmatched " near: lins, who remarked: "With the scourge of
  • Aaron Rodgers - Unmatched " near: chool player at 5'10" (1.78 m) and 165 lb
  • Aaron Rose - Unmatched " near: for Opening Ceremony" (2010) * Wild Goodn ... e Collected Fanzines" (2008) * Chris Joha
  • Aaron Schock - Unmatched " near: tamps, Schock said, "I could vote against
  • Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick - Unmatched " near: Punkin Crick to be: " Homespun entertainm ... leasant songs added." ==Soundtrack== * wr
  • Aaron Solowoniuk - Unmatched " near: with tom sizes of 12" and 16 Bass drum. H
  • Aaron Stanford - Unmatched " near: t in the AMC series " Fear the Walking De ... ad ", as , his first ap
  • Aaron Swartz - Unmatched " near: rtz had downloaded: "In a back-of-the-env
  • Aaron Swinson - Unmatched " near: etball player. A 6'5" (1.96 m) forward, S
  • Aaron S. Zelman - Unmatched " near: ial bibliography== *" *" *" *"
  • Aaron Turner - Unmatched " near: Fake Witch [Split 12" with Oakeater] (201
  • Aaron W. Hughes - Unmatched " near: ssertation entitled "Philosophy's Mythos:
  • Aaron Wolf (director) - Unmatched " near: “Why Faith Matters." === Restoring Tomor
  • AARP - Unmatched " near: called the iniative "the latest step for
  • Aarschotse Stadsbrouwerij - Unmatched " near: the product in the " 't Bruine Café" . =
  • Aaru Sundarimaarude Katha - Unmatched " near: esh K Abraham says, " Chatting as it happ ... ived as finger dance". For this film the
  • Aasha (1980 film) - Unmatched " near: counted the events: "The song was to be s ... or Hindi film star)." ==Filmfare nominati
  • Aashayein - Unmatched " near: .5 out of 5 saying, "This is unarguably K ... It touches the heart". Rajeev Masand of I
  • Aashiqui 2 - Unmatched " near: ances, writing that " ...Aditya Roy Kapur ... addha is incredible." Indiatimes gave the
  • Aashiqui - Unmatched " near: a model to run for "Jean Cardin "brand o
  • A. Asokan - Unmatched </ref> near: heduled Castes. ref></ref> In April 2006, Asok
  • Aatish Taseer - Unmatched " near: t-for-point, saying "that there is not an ... es that India wants." Ejaz Haider subsequ
  • Aatma - Feel It Around You - Unmatched " near: ing in the film was "an unusual pairing p
  • A. Aubrey Bodine - Unmatched " near: he magazine was the "Maryland Gallery,” a ... y from side streets." What Bodine did in
  • A∴A∴ - Unmatched " near: experience known as "the Knowledge and Co
  • Aavikko - Unmatched " near: graphy== * Aavikko 7" EP/MCD (Bad Vugum,
  • Aawitin Ko Na Lang - Unmatched " near: He described it as "...dominated by slow ... rican country music." He also characteriz ... ed the songs, "The album's other 11 ... ich are nondescript."
  • A. A. Wyn - Unmatched " near: on took on the name "Aaron A. Wyn, and it
  • Aayat (song) - Unmatched " near: ndian Express wrote "Arijit Singh’s , wit ... on, which works well". == Accolades ==
  • Aayiram Roobai - Unmatched " near: ian Express stated, "A crude and twisted ... inment it doles out."
  • Aayirathil Oruvan (1965 film) - Unmatched " near: isms and dances for "Aadamal Aadugiren'.
  • Aaytha Ezhuthu - Unmatched " near: ote: . Hindu wrote: "Every frame of Madra ... up a project, it has". ==Soundtrack== M
  • A (Ayumi Hamasaki EP) - Unmatched " near: . Two promotional 12" vinyls were distrib ... us track] – 6:43 *12" vinyl (titled A NYC ... us track] – 6:43 *12" vinyl (titled A TYO

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Notification of new dumps[edit]

"Most likely misspellings by articles" should always have work to do (if not, ping Beland to add more from the current dump). Some of the other sections are occasionally waiting for a new dump to get a useful list, either because they are ranked by frequency or a code change has been made to clean up noise in the next run. New runs are generally posted twice a month. The database snapshot from the first day of the month generally takes about 9-13 days to process, and the snapshot from the twentieth day of the month might take 4-6 days until it can be posted.

All that said, if you want to get a ping when results from a new dump are posted, you can add your name to the list below. If you are only interested in a particular section, include a note to that effect.

  • (add your username to this list)

moss source code[edit]

moss is written in Python, and is available on github at: