Oman–United Kingdom relations

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Omani-British relations
Map indicating locations of Oman and United Kingdom


United Kingdom

The relations between the United Kingdom and Oman are strong and strategic.[1]

The United Kingdom has an embassy in Muscat[2] and Oman has an embassy in London.[3]

The UK and Oman have close military ties. In September/October 2001, the UK and Oman conducted a joint military exercise, Saif Sareea II which was the largest deployment of UK forces since the Suez Crisis.[4] In April 2010 the government of Oman stated that it wanted to buy Eurofighter Typhoons from the UK.[1] BAE Systems and Oman signed an agreement in December 2012, valued at £2.5 billion, for the delivery of 12 Eurofighter Typhoon jets along with 8 BAE Systems Hawk training jets.[5] Oman is the only foreign export customer of the Challenger 2, Britain's main battle tank.[6]

Queen Elizabeth II visited Oman in November 2010 to commemorate Oman's 40th National Day and take part in the tremendous celebrations in the Country. This was her second visit to the Sultanate (the first being in 1979).

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