House of F. N. Solodov

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House of F. N. Solodov
Дом Ф. Н. Солодова
Дом Союдовой (пер. Газетный, 47) - фасад.JPG
LocationRostov-on-Don, 47 Gazetny Alley

The House of FN Solodov (Russian: Дом Ф. Н. Солодова) is an object of cultural heritage and regional value in Rostov-on-Don.[1]


The house was built in the 19th century.[2] In the 1880s, it was expanded with the addition of a two-story wing, in accordance to plans developed by architect Nikolay Aleksandrovich Doroshenko. The owner of the house ran a factory of Malts, which produced flour. The structure adjoined a factory complex (Solodova). At the beginning of the 20th century, in documents, it appeared as the property of Nicolay's wife Ekaterina Nikolaevna Solodova. "The House of Workers of Education", also known as the "Teacher's Club," was located inside the building. A large library was used by the school’s teachers and students.[3]

The house adopted an eclectic design. Window openings were squared sub-window niches and sockets. The two-story house had a rectangular plan and a cellar in the centre. The house was plastered. Semi-circular window openings were issued by simple platbands, and parapets were encased in openwork metal protection. The modelled decor was presented by macarons that decorated capstones and arms; they met in a registration of attics. While carrying out repair work, an overlapping roof was made. Lattices on the first-floor windows, as well as the initial filling of window and door openings, were lost.[4]


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