Guamanian legislative election, 2018

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Guamanian legislative election, 2018

← 2016 Tuesday, November 6, 2018 2020 →

All 15 seats of the Legislature of Guam
Turnout~66% (Decrease)
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Therese M. Terlaje James Espaldon
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat At-large district At-large district
Seats before 9 6
Seats won 10 5
Seat change Increase 1 Decrease 1

Speaker before election

Benjamin J.F. Cruz

Elected Speaker


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Legislative elections were held in Guam on Tuesday, November 6, 2018[1], along with the election for the Guam delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. Before the election, the Democratic Party held nine of the fifteen seats in the Legislature while the Republican Party held six seats. The election resulted in a gain of one seat for the Democrats and a loss of one seat for Republicans. Democrats also won the race for Guam's US House Delegate.

Primary Election[edit]

Primary elections in Guam will be held on August 25, 2018. The first 15 candidates who win the highest votes for each party will move on to the general election.

Democratic Candidates[edit]


  • Jose Terlaje
  • Ned Pablo
  • Amando Dominguez
  • Tina Rose Muna Barnes
  • Franklin Meno
  • Joe S. San Agustin
  • Jack Hattig III
  • Amanda Shelton
  • William Parkinson
  • Therese Terlaje
  • Jermaine Alerta
  • Lasia Casil
  • Telena Nelson
  • Regine Biscoe Lee
  • Celestin C. Babauta
  • Kelly Marsh
  • Clynton Ridgell
  • Adolpho Palacios
  • Sabina R. Perez
  • Maria Lourdes Milligan
  • Rikki Orsini


Republican Candidates[edit]

  • Ben Servino
  • Jeffrey Wheaton
  • Telo Taitague
  • James Moylan
  • Ryan Calvo
  • Javier Atalig Jr.
  • Mary Torres
  • Louisa Muna
  • Alfredo Antolin Jr.
  • Amanda Blas
  • William Casto
  • Jenei Aguon
  • Julius Santos
  • Ken Joe Ada
  • Roland Blas
  • Jose A. San Agustin
  • Stephen Guerrero
  • Michelle Taitano
  • Harold Cruz

Declined candidates[edit]


General Election[edit]


The members of the legislature are elected at-large with the first 15 winning candidates elected as the new members of the legislature. The Democratic Party picked up one seat from Republicans, leaving the composition for the next legislature at 10 Democrats and 5 Republicans.[2] Democrat Michael F.Q. San Nicolas also won the race for Delegate.

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