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National Library of Israel Service counter IMG 4500.JPG
An Israeli librarian using Wikipedia (publicity photo for the project)
Date15 January 2016 (2016-01-15)

#1Lib1Ref ("One Librarian, One Reference") was a Wikipedia publicity drive that asked every librarian on Earth to mark the 15th anniversary of the foundation of Wikipedia, on 15 January 2016, by adding a citation to the online encyclopedia.[1][2][3]

The organisers estimated that if each librarian on the planet spent 15 minutes adding a citation, then the English Wikipedia's backlog of 350,000 [citation needed] templates would be cleared.[4]

The weeklong event, which ran from 15-23 January 2016, used the hashtag "#1lib1ref".[5]

The campaign became an annual event celebrating Wikipedia's birthday.[6] In 2017 and 2018, the "#1lib1ref" campaign expanded to a three-week event.[7]

The campaign is part of the Wikimedia foundation's GLAM outreach strategy; to involve librarians in the improvement of wikipedia.[8]


As of the end of the campaign, 1,232 revisions on 879 pages, by 327 users in 9 languages used the hashtag #1lib1ref in the edit summary with the total edit count estimated to be around 50% below the actual number. Furthermore the hashtag was used in 1100 Twitter posts by over 630 users.[9]


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